My artwork explores nature and the theme of protection. It focuses on the small delicate details that I observe in the natural world that might sometimes be hidden or overlooked. I am inspired by the infinite complexity of microscopic patterns, the richness of natural textures and the composition of miniature habitats. These things fascinate me and fill me with a sense of awe.  I study this intricate beauty in forensic detail, sometimes magnifying the scale of those details through my work, to make them more visible.

My work is both decorative and scientific, yet full of meaning which is intertwined with my own experiences. I am intrigued by museum collections and the process of ordering and storing specimens and motivated by my knowledge of how to care for, repair and prevent the decay of objects over time. These interests influence my choice of materials and the way in which I catalogue and display my work. My fragile plants are created from beeswax that lasts for hundreds of years and my delicate bees’ wings are etched from solid sheets of copper which oxidises to form its own protective surface. My works are named and numbered in sequences and housed in trays, boxes and domes to keep them in order and safe from harm.

Through my artwork I aim to combine fragility and strength in a unique manner, to create beauty and communicate science, inspiring and encouraging others to observe and protect the natural world around them.