Making a difference with The Design Trust

On Friday 22nd May 2020 from 2-3pm I’ll be joining Patricia van den Akker in a live interview as part of The Design Trust’s ‘Make a Difference – Online Creative Festival – Women with a Purpose’.

Ahead of the event, I was asked a few questions which I’ve answered in a behind-the-scenes blog post, published on The Design Trust website. I talk about being a quiet child, scoliosis, vacuuming badgers and what the recent Collect Open 2020 exhibition meant to me. 

Throughout the month of May the festival will showcase several inspiring women discussing the What, Why and How of their creative practices. It’s been a fabulous event so far and I hope that my interview will give an added boost of inspiration to fellow festival goers!

If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket for the ‘Make a Difference’ festival you can find more details here. All interviews will be recorded and available until the end of 2020.